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For now, I want to post my comments from my Facebook  page and I’ll be back later to add more. Please visit their sites and  support these wonderful causes if you can. I quit buying bottled water and use the money that I would have spent to donate to these folks. I now carry an aluminum container and just think of all the space I’m saving at the landfills!

  Just imagine how much of our money is spent on frivolous things each day when we could just share some of our blessings with these worthy causes. When I say “frivolous”,  I refer to those things compared to life threatening diseases and illnesses that even people in our area are fighting.  It could be you or someone in your family.

First on 18ForeLife

Wow, I found this cool comment on my wall this morning from Scott Kruse and am sharing it with you all so you can go to my website home page (www.hats4ewe.com) , scroll down a bit and click on www.18forelife.com and read what an amazing man from Dexter (and supporters) have been doing to honor his brother, Ben and help countless area individuals who are recovering from or being treated for cancer. They also have donated thousands of $$$ (I think like $26,000.00) to St. Jude’s and also supported me by donating to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (twice) for my half marathons in Orlando and San Francisco. I look forward to many years of involvement with these amazing and gifted people from right here in our area!  You can even sign up for the newsletter from 18ForeLife!

 “We want to let you know about a great friend of 18 Fore Life, Sheri Farmer. Sheri is passionate about making scrub hats and caps and sells them online. She’s also passionate about giving back. Whenever Sheri hears about someone undergoing chemotherapy and losing their hair, she’ll make a hat for them, free of charge! Please share if you know anyone that might be interested in purchasing Sheri’s products. Sheri also has certain hats in her eBay store that she gives 50% or more of the proceeds from the sell of those hats to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Please support Sheri!”

Now Brandon Scott!

Brandon Scott’s Page


I’ve known this little guy for many years. He is a survivor and champion and was my Honored Team-mate for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society back in 2004 when I did the San Francisco first women’s Nike marathon. He has the best heart and mommy I have ever seen and is always finding ways to help other children who are ill. If you can help him a little bit, he would be so thankful. Every one of us is just a blink away from needing St. Jude’s for a loved one or friend.


Hats4Ewe Scrub Hats has a whole new customer direction!!

I’ll be darned! I took Joe the Old English Sheepdog for a gooming today to get him ready for the holidays. Billie and her staff at Pampered Pets is just amazing. She had an idea and wanted them to try out a bouffant to wear in the shop in a cute dog pattern. I was more than happy to oblige. Those folks go above and beyond and earn every dollar when it comes to a shaggy dog and his quirks. He can be such a brat but that doesn’t phase Billie. Until a couple of years ago, I was taking him all the way to Cape for his occasional hair cut and professional hair do. I met Billie when she came to buy a big dog bath tub from me and said she’d be glad to groom Joe. I took him last year for an appointment and  she even kept him all day so we could have a peaceful backyard wedding for Bailey and Ryan. Needless to say, the day would have been all about him had we not made these plans. He would be in dog heaven with all those guests!  Here’s the pic of  the amazing girls at Pampered Pets. Billie is on the left. I’ll need to find out her assistant’s name and make sure I add groomers to my target customers from now on. I even took them a couple extra when I went back to pick him up this afternoon. I hope they work well for them.

The girls at Pampered Pets Grooming wearing Hats4Ewe Scrub Hats


Here’s a “before” and “after” of my big baby.



Woah! Happy Comments Galore on Hats4Ewe Scrub Hats!

I’ve been so busy catching up on Hats4Ewe Scrub Hat orders and enjoying the opportunity to work from home that I forgot all about my blog. The recovery after the surgery on the torn ligament in my thumb is amazing and way better than I expected.  I thank all of my customers who contacted me after the surgery and wished me a speedy recovery. I have to say the mobility in that thumb is almost back to normal and the surgeon and P.T. were happy with the results a couple of weeks ago.
Now on to something that makes me really happy….comments from customers about Hats4Ewe Scrub Hats. I love hearing from folks, even if you get your hat and need a more custom fit, don’t hesitate to contact me to see if I can adjust my patterns. Some I can, some I can’t.  Always ask.  Phone calls are welcome and if I don’t answer, be sure to leave a voice mail or contact me by email. Both of these are important  but I prefer contact by email because it gives me a solid reminder of what you want.
Now on to some recent comments:
Hello Sheri!  I just received my hats! Thank you for making and sending them out so quickly! I will definitely keep recommending you to my colleagues in the OR! Have a blessed day, Melissa
Hi Sheri! The hats have finally arrived to me!!! They came through Vienna and my friend there. Thank you so much for being so nice and persistant in your wish to put me and Serbia on your list of customers! The hats are great, tomorrow I have some surgeries scheduled so I’ll be wearing them and thinking about you! Thank you again! How is your hand? Is it getting any better? Best regards, Dejan
Thanks so much. I’ll be wearing it in the OR. I am an orthopedic surgeon. I will pass on your info b/c I am sure others will want one. Lots of Yankee fans here in New Jersey! Thanks for the Priority mail. -Jackie 
You have just gone above and beyond! I want to say THANK YOU in the biggest way. I have told so many people about this wonderful woman who has never met me, but has been so gracious and helpful. I’m going to talk about you for a long time! -U
….They arrived and everyone was delighted with them….one of the doctors wears a hood because of his beard, I was wondering if you would be interested to attempt making him one of those…I can send you a paper one he currently wears for a pattern….He loved the Scooby Doo material!! I will be watching for holiday material…they want to order hats for then… Thanks so much!! Your hats are not only very nicely made, but very comfortable to wear for 12 hours!!! -Karen
Sheri, Aloha from the Islands! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the beautiful hats you made for my husband Erick, they are adorable and he looks very handsome with them. I appreciate the work you do to show our troops support, from the bottom of my heart thank you and may your business be blessed with prosperity as your heart is filled with the desire to give. Have a wonderful week and God Bless! -Luisa

Hats4Ewe Scrub Hats…….Foot Care…..who knew?

Good news!!! The splint is off and PT starts at home three times a day. He said the flexibility is better than the majority of his patients at this point so its all good from now on! I’ve already started on orders received in the last couple of days as soon as I got home from the appointment. On the way over there (1.5 hours away), I heard from my friend and fellow Certified Foot Care Nurse,  Laura Roehrick,  from Santa Rosa, CA.  A couple of years ago I attended a week long class she gave that allowed me to learn enough to take the National certification test. She is just as passionate about foot care and prevention of amputation in diabetics as I am and we view our profession as a valuable asset to health care. I just wish it had a more “glamorous” title…..like Certified Podiatric Nurse. It seems “Foot Care Nurse” sounds like we just soak feet or something. Gosh, we do so much more and especially diabetic foot care and prevention of complications which includes assessment of the feet, teaching how to care for them and avoid the problems that lead to amputation. We want to save the world, one foot at a time! 

Well, the reason I was talking about that is because Laura just got back from a BIG convention of foot care nurses in Canada. It seems they are way ahead of the U.S. and have about 9000 Certified Nurses. The U.S. has about 370 I think as of 12/09. I’m proud to be one of them !  So, Laura was giving her information about equipment needed such as safety glasses and lighting and one of the participants said she had been an OR nurse and thought they should wear scrub hats! What????? Did someone say SCRUB HAT???  I’m happy to say that at that moment, Laura knew what I did in my “other job” and informed them of my business. I regret that she did not recall the name of the business, Hats4Ewe, but she did give them my  name and I so hope I hear from some of them.  I have worn them some at work, particularly if I am sanding really thick or fungal nails and creating a fog of nail dust. They also work well just to keep the nails out of your hair. I know….ewwwwww. But in the world of a REAL foot care nurse, it is only part of the job. That way the girls don’t have to check my hair for toenails before I go to lunch. (Thanks Jenny).  I have to say I am so proud to care for the veterans, our nation’s heros.  

Foot care nurses……… If you read my blog, by chance, and attended Laura’s class, be sure to let me know.

Thank you Laura for your committment to the profession. I’m proud to be your friend and SOLE SISTER! 

That’s all for now, I’ve got sewing to do! Hit me with a comment any time!

Hats4Ewe Scrub Hats is getting back into the SEWING of things!!

Come see my new holiday fabrics plus many more to be listed! If you are excited and in a hurry to start shopping, here’s your link: www.hats4ewe.com

I don’t officially have my Spica splint off yet but I am anticipating physical therapy in the near future and what better way to start rehab but by manipulating and folding fabrics to be sewn into my Baa–rilliant and Ewe-nique scrub hats!!? I hope to sweet-talk the surgeon into at least letting me have it off for sewing. I’ll promise to wear it at all other times. We’ll see in a few days what happens. I decided to go ahead and get the Hats4Ewe site back open so folks can begin browsing, pondering and shopping. Scrub hats make PERFECT gifts for relatives or your favorite health care provider. Remember, if you don’t see what you want on the scrub hat site, feel free to contact me. If I don’t have the fabric you are looking for, I will sure try to get it or die trying. (not really on the die part but you get the idea of my committment).

For now, I may be moving a little slower in the production department but I’m getting better every day and have really attained strength and dexterity with my index and middle fingers like you’ve never seen.  So, when you place an order, allow just a few extra days in your mind for me to get them done. As always, each one is made by me, for you with love and caring in each fold and stitch. Here’s what I’ve been dealing with for the last few weeks and I can’t wait to begin PT!!

My friend and foe

That’s all for now. I’m completing some eBay scrub hat orders and am anxiously awaiting orders from www.Hats4Ewe.com

Sure am missing making all those scrub hats!

Not only do I miss the countless hours of creating and sewing Ewe-nique and Baa-rilliant scrub hats, but I miss typing without a thumb. I will definitely be happy when I can open up the website again and would anticipate it being in about 2 weeks. I still have my eBay  Hats4Ewe store open and average a couple of hats a day which is about all I can handle given this pitiful excuse for dexterity from the poor index finger. Don’t get me wrong, the index finger is important by far but it is not a good substitute for a thumb.  I have BUNCHES of new fabrics that I’m just dying to list for you all to see on the www.Hats4ewe.com web site…..some adorable Christmas prints and a couple new Halloween/Thanksgiving ones.

I’m planning to open the site around Sept. 24 or at least give an update here. I see the Dr. on that day which is a little over 4 weeks post op. The surgery was more involved than he suspected so immobilization may actually go on for 2 more weeks. I sure hope not. I’m ready for the physical or occupational therapy so I can gain the use of the thumb as soon as possible. I can’t help but think that using it to sew or manipulate the fabrics in the machines will really aid in the recovery.

If anyone has gone to my site and seen the “Closed” message, please email me to let me know so I can thank you for hanging in there with me. Until then, I hope you can enjoy this fall season where ever you are.

September 1st…wow, always ready for fall fabrics for Hats4Ewe

So, September 1st will be here in an hour. I always love this time of year because we start to anticipate getting our jeans and sweaters out and ready to feel the cool autumn air in the evenings. It is also time to get the fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving fabrics out for scrub hats. Christmas fabric is already being listed on the Hats4Ewe website as well. When I open the site back up for business, you’ll find several new Halloween fabrics.

Earlier this evening, I enjoyed drinking coffee and sitting in my neighbor’s pavillion. We’ve been friends for about 30 years and NEVER tire of talking or lack something to talk about.  She’s been great thru this surgery recovery by checking on me every day, offering to cook meals and help me with my scrub hat orders. She is in the midst of getting her new business operational. It is called Sondra’s Organizing Solutions (SOS) and let me tell you, she will get your home organized which will leave you feeling a sense of freedom you haven’t felt in a long time, if you are like me. She’s almost done with my sewing room and will be able to post befores/afters on her blog or website. She also will organize anything that is out of order…your vehicle, office, shop or garage, business area…..you  name it and she has a solution for the disarray.  I’ll add more about her business as she gets it going. There are lots of opportunites out there for her. Feel free to contact me for more info and I’ll hook you up.

I’ve been able to get a few scrub hats done and just opened my eBay store for business. We’ll see how it goes. I have 4 weeks left in this splint. It seems like forever but I’m adapting…..except for zip lock bags….one really needs two thumbs for those.

Happy September!!


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